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Hi everyone,

I was communicating with my new manager via email about the new job. However when I reply the email, the auto correct made a mistake on the company name on the subjuct line of the email. I did not realized before I sent it out. Should I email the manager again to explain, or it is not really a big deal? Please help! Thank you very much!!!!!!!

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  • Mick
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    9 years ago
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    A minor typo (even in the name of your company) is not really a big deal. In a typical workplace, you should see the amount of typo and grammatical mistakes in email drafted by both managers and employees.

    Secondly, you posted this question on 2011-05-03 and it is now 2011-05-05. It is too late to email the manager to explain. He probably forgot what had happened 2 days ago and this will not help.

    I am not suggesting we should not pay attention when typing an email. I also want to look professional and business-like. If you make the same mistake again in future, you may consider sending the email once more with the correct spelling in the subject line. Just send the email again as soon as you discover the mistake. There is no need to insert the word RESEND. This is better than explaining and apologising to the manager


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