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這邊的 Normal 是翻譯 標準 還是 法向????

Constraint Type: Controls the type of MPC constraint to be created for bonded contact. This setting is displayed only if Formulation is set to MPC and if either Contact Bodies or Target Bodies are scoped to a surface body.

Target Normal , Couple U to ROT: (Default) Represents most common type of surface body contact. Constraints are constructed to couple the translational and rotational DOFs. In most types of surface body contact, an offset will exist. Due to this offset there will be a moment created. To get the correct moment, the rotation/displacement DOF's must be coupled together. If the program cannot detect any contact in the target normal direction, it will then search anywhere inside the pinball for contact.

Target Normal , Uncouple U to ROT: The rotational and displacement constraints will not be coupled together. This option can model situations where the surface body edges line up well and a moment is not created from the physical surface body positions. Thus it is most accurate for the constraints to leave the displacements/rotations uncoupled. This provides an answer which is closer to a matching mesh solution. Using a coupled constraint causes artificial constraints to be added causing an inaccurate solution.

Inside Pinball, Couple U to ROT: Constraints are coupled and created anywhere to be found inside the pinball region. Thus the pinball size is important as a larger pinball will result in a larger constraint set. This option is useful when you wish to fully constrain one contact side completely to another.


這邊的 Normal 是翻譯 標準 還是 法向????

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    這邊的 Normal 是翻譯 標準

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