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    I remember growing up always like to see a fairy tale book, look at pictures to see from the look phonetic phonetic text to read, slowly advanced, so that we can more quickly learn the language, I want to learn English, too, make use of story books As little as we learn to see the word check dictionary does not familiar with it slowly, she was always there when you will remember when, I think this is the intention of the teacher it!

    Through this event to my first contact with a book full of English words are, or ever seen the book in English is always excluded, would rather not look do not touch, but only through this activity book in English is also discovered that in fact learning English A good way, like a child looking back, like a fairy tale book, every day a little slowly learning not cause too great a burden on us, long used to develop a reading habit can not only learned a lot English that really do both.

    Inspired by this event, I decided to read a little every day, books in English, so I could read the patterns used in English, but also to their own and learn more words, so that more progress can be in English! ! !

    投給我!! 可能有誤 但我盡量翻譯!!!

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