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People who don't believe osama is truly dead?

Please state your reasons why youthink we would need to be lied to.

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    Osama is not dead.

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    Osama's beard is completely white. I have seen a video of Osama in year 2003 his beard was white. Look at that fake picture there is his beard black. lol

    Even in 2003, 8 years before his beard was white.

    Watch 2003 video of Osama here his beards is white

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    Actually USA don't shame. Did they shame on 9 11?

    USA just want to attack on Pakistan. So they need an evasiveness(guile). So they tried this one.

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    Numbers of reasons:

    1.Americans needed a face to put on terror, so we were given several.

    2.The President at that time, felt a need to tell us there were WMD's that could hurt Americans and we should be proud and go fight them.

    3.There was no true investigation by a bomb squad, but firemen on scene at the towers reported via radio that they were hearing "Shaped Charges" going off all around the towers on 09-11-2001.

    4.The hole in the Pentagon did not match the wing span of any 747 Boeing makes, unless it was 22ft in size.

    5.How could books on top of a file cabinet not burn at the Pentagon site, when they were next to the hole.

    6.There were paid actors speaking minutes after the towers were on fire.

    7.Fact, Osama Bin Laden was working for the CIA for the past 6 years that I know of.

    8.The fact that no one saw a body or can testify in a court of law what they observed and George Bush made a statement telling people he did not want to hear about Conspiracy theories. First thing a liar "Don't call me a liar".

    9.Reading the body language from the pictures you should be able to make up your mind, you are being lied to, by the peope in charge.

    10.Why did our government have Jurisdiction to go into another country and kill someone without "Due Process".

    How is it that our own government can break the Constitution and dis allow people the right to a day in court.

    (Have fun).

  • Tim
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    9 years ago

    People who don't believe osama is truly dead?

    He's dead. Most people accept this, even Al-Qaeda. There are pictures to be released soon.

    3 thumbs down? I see all the conspiracy nuts have awoken out of their drug induced slumber.

    The man is dead. Live with it. Accept it.

  • 9 years ago

    I don't think that at all he Is dead and that's the truth why live to lie you need to know people not talk behind their backs lying as become a way of life, don't like It.

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  • 9 years ago

    No. IDIOTS don't believe he's dead. People heard the news and understood what the talking heads meant when they said THE GUY WAS DEAD FOR A WEEK WHILE THEY CHECKED HIS DNA RESULTS BEFORE IT WAS REPORTED TO THE PRESS THAT HE WAS DEAD.

    It's not rocket science. (Or to some, maybe it is.)

  • 9 years ago

    government has done a pretty good job of lying about everything.Right about now they have to distract us cause imigration got played out.while everyone jumping for joy and America heading straight for number two in power,they do their dirty buisness.

  • 9 years ago

    Because they already claimed he was killed in 2002, then again in 2005. He's just dead again. I wonder if he'll die again on 12/21/2012, too.

  • 9 years ago

    even Al Qaeda has said that he is dead, an actual Al Qaeda representative said so

  • Zeus
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    9 years ago

    I believe he's dead but he's been dead for years

  • 9 years ago

    i just wonder why they wont release his picture of the body...Why ...when they killed sadam they had that video released in seconds...i dont get it..

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