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Why did the budgie die?

Hi everyone,

So here it is... I'm trying to figure out if the budgie's death was the fault of my younger brother or is it possible that it died of some sort of sickness?

My grandmother bought my brother a budgie over two months ago and is keeping it at her home a few blocks away because my mother does NOT do pets and little bro really wanted a pet! Last Thursday she went out of town at 12 noon leaving the bird uncovered with plenty of food and water (with a single bell and two perches). My bro was supposed to go each evening and spend some time with him and cover up his cage and, of course, stop by in the morning to uncover him. He neglected to go to the house until Saturday afternoon and found the bird dead (the bird was alone and uncovered for about 48 hours). The only thing suspicious was a little black blob floating in his water. I personally have a fish tank, a dog, and an ancient cat so I know a decent bit about pet care and I really think it was alone for too long with not enough entertainment! But truth be told I'm not a bird person and while I did try to do some research didn't come up with much.

Any and all thoughts are welcome, thanks!

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    It seems like it could have gotten sick from some kind of bacteria in the water. Budgies tend to play in their water dishes for amusement, so that could have gotten the water dirty (it couldve pooped in the water and drank it). It could have also died from it being too cold in the house at night. Budgies are tropical birds and therefor arn't used to cold. Anyways, sorry for your loss :(

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    If the female gets ill it perhaps an infection or and environmental subject. I had one that died and the vet mentioned it became into an inner ear an infection and the meds could or won't artwork, which it did not. Then i became into given yet another and it died an identical way. We found out later it became into something at that particular puppy save. except you are able to take the physique to a vet I dont understand if there is a thank you to define out. desire this helps

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    Sometimes they freak out at night and start flying around in their cage and hurt themselves. This usually happens when a mouse has sneaked into the house and found the bird food in the bird cage.

    Source(s): Had a budgie for 14 years.
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