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Who is a worst terrorist? Osama Bin Laden or George W Bush ?

As we have all noticed, Bin Laden is responsible for thousand lives. Nevertheless, Bush ordered 2 wars that have resulted in more than 1 million of deaths and who knows how many more. . Now, We consider Osama Bin Laden a terrorist here in America and Bush a hero. However, in the Midwest and almost the rest of the world Bush is considered a mass murder.

My other question is, Shouldn't George W Bush pay for his war crimes as Osama Bin Laden did?

Yes or no, and why?

I am not mentioning Barrack Obama on this since he didn't order the wars. However, I also think he is accountable for keeping the wars.


For those of you that say Bush is not a terrorist, of course, he is not a terrorist. But, if you had been born in Iraq/Afghanistan and you sister, brother the whole family had been killed by a USA missile, wouldn't you consider Bush as a terrorist. I ask you just for a minute to think by yourselves. Bush is a murderer as well as Bin Laden. No difference.


Update 2:

Hey, I am clear that Obama is as responsible for all this as bush. But who started all this mess?

Obama or Bush ?

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    First of all,I consider bin laden as a very big terosist.He crashed the plane into twin towers.He had wanted to do something bad ever since he came to America,20 years ago.thats when he became a terrosist. however,george bush had a big part in being a terrorist.he did a very bad thing in the iraq and afghanistan war.and also,bush and bill clinton took in chinnese people into there is a lot owned by china,like george bush was also a terrorist in wars,and a bad president. so both are terrorists.

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    Osama Bin Laden

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    Bush is as much a terrorist/mass murderer as FDR was for responding to Japanese aggression or even (gasp) Nazi Germany when the US wasn't even attacked directly by them. How, delusional do you have to be to believe that Bush can be considered a mass murderer? On top of that, 1 million people? On top of that, thinking the Midwest stands behind you (the Left coast, I could understand)?

    Who needs to think for themselves here?

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    George W Bush ISN'T a terrorist, he was our U.S. president. He ordered a war BECAUSE of bin laden, who WAS a terrorist. He wasn't the first president to order a war...

    Obama should be included in your little theory just as much, if not more, considering he is currently our president and has yet to put a stop to the war since he took office. Isn't someone who continues with something just as guilty as the one who starts it?

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    I love Bush the way he killed people who might become terrorist later or soon.If I were Bush ,I would have done double time!Those people support terrorist you know ,how Osama Bin Laden became so powerful?do you really think Osama Bin laden could become powerful by himself without any support to attack Christian World.Bush did just little job, He haven't done , what he should have done!

    Idiot.Your Barrack Obama is doing nothing, but good speaking, he doesn't really know how to protect from dangerous.He just wants to get name or credit. getting good-name cannot save America from death.

    You are such Idiot! by the way , I think , you are disciple of Al-Qaeda

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    Justin Bieber

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    Tough Question :p

    you see both have done something wrong. Bush was involved with Illuminati as we all know! and Osama was a betrayer. 9/11, Libiya etc etc.

    As a result, Osama Bin Laden

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    Bush wasn't a terrorist so the answer is simple. I didn't ask the middle east terrorist sympathizers if they think Bush was a bad person or not.

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    My god, I didnt have any love for Bush, but you people will not let Obama accept any blame for anything. Its creepy. Both had good points and bad.

  • bush killed more people, bush is hated by more people in the world than bin laden was - you work it out

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