IRS website said my return was direct deposited on 4/29 but it's not showing in my account yet?

It says it could show as late as 5/4. Why would it take so long? Is this normal? You'd think it would be instant.

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    10 years ago
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    It depends on your bank. The IRS sends the refund via ACH. I bank with US Bank and it has always shown up the same day it was deposited. But as someone who works being paid via ACH, it can take 1 to 3 days. More than likely it will be there tomorrow. It technically should have been there today based on the normal nature of an ACH payment. If you bank with a smaller bank it may take more time. It could also take more time if your bank has outlined the ACH policy in your agreement with them (no one reads the fine print~ not me anyway). You will have it soon.

    *wires are instant. ACH's are not.

    My company has ACH forms sent over from other companies with a 'maturity date'. This date can be up to 3 business days before the funds are received. I feel like I've gone on and on here, lol. Sorry. It's something I had to research for my employer.

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