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I'm considering buying a Hi-Point 45ACP. What's ACP stand for?

I don't know what ACP stands for with regard to a 45 caliber semi automatic I'm considering for purchase. At a gun show yesterday I heard comments about Hi-Point guns. Some good, some bad. All opinions. Does anyone have real experience, good or bad, with Hi-Point? And what does ACP mean?

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    Automatic colt pistol, it was designed for the john browning 1911 colt .45. That is the gun you should consider first. (colt original), Springfield, smith & wesson, dan wesson, kimber, wilson, nighthawk, baer, para ordinance, ed brown, taurus, Sig and Rock island/armscor, remington all make 1911 single action pistol. Other quality 45 include HK USP, Sig 220ST and Glock 21sf.

    Durability goes to the glock in my opinion.

    I have rented high point at a range, it shot 3.24 groups of 5 at 15 yard. inaccurate best describe the pistol i shot. However you may get lucky and get a accurate pistol.

    To me a highpoint 45 looks like a AMC gremlin, personally I prefer to own a firearm that looks awesome like a stainless 1911 or a HK mark 23.

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