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Anyone use plenty of fish?

I'm really embarrassed about maybe signing up for it. I really have nothing to lose, but I don;t want someone I know seeing me on there. You know how you can look at a few pages for free, I saw this cute guy I wanted to message up - but is there a way of contacting him without showing like a pic or a name. Like until I get more comfortable.. like I will prob show it to him.. I just don't know if I want my face plastered up there or if I Wanted to join.. cause I hear plenty of fish is just for hook ups or people who can't find anyone in real life :(

Any advice or thoughts or experiences with the site?

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago
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    Plenty of fish is not just about hook ups. People are looking for real love and yeah just casual dating. You don't need to put a pic. Or you could take a pic or find one where no body will recognize you. You don't need to put your name either. There nicknames I use it it's good to find new ppl online dating is the new thing. Why not message him give him your e-mail or number then you can show him a pic of yourself.

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