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Anonymous asked in Science & MathematicsGeography · 9 years ago

How do I go to West Point?

Its free so its the only school i can afford but how does the whole, u go to school, u go in the military, u go to school free thing work? and i always wanted to be a doctor so can i still be one?

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  • 9 years ago
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    Get involved in early High School, study hard and develop a plan. Get an application packet from the West Point Admissions team. Additionally, you can contact your local liaison to help you as part of West Point's Outreach Program. West Point's admission can be found on the West Point website at


    West Point takes a broad approach to evaluating candidates. You need a well-rounded background to successfully compete for admission. To be competitive academically, you need to have a solid grade point average and be among the top of your class. Additionally, you need to take the following classes.

    Four years of English, with a strong emphasis on composition, grammar, literature, and speech.

    Four years of math: algebra, plane geometry, intermediate algebra, and trigonometry.

    Two years of a foreign language.

    Two years of a laboratory science such as chemistry, biology or physics.

    One year of U.S. history.

    Courses in geography, government, and economics will be helpful as well. If your school includes a course in precalculus and calculus in its curriculum, along with a basic computing course, we suggest you consider taking those courses because they will be helpful during your first year at West Point.

    This information can also be found on West Point's website


    Get involved in athletics and extra activities. West Point evaluates its candidates in all aspects. You will be much more competitive for admission if you are an active athlete, eagle scout, class president etc. Additionally, many sports programs at West Point recruit perspective athletes. Being a competitive football player may set you apart from the many other applicants. West Point considers it more valuable for you to achieve distinction in a specific activity, rather than participation in a number of activities without any evidence of leadership achievement.


    Focus on physical fitness by running, working out and participating in vigorous competitive sports. Part of the application process requires a fitness evaluation. Additionally, once accepted into West Point, you will be required to annually pass fitness tests and participate in vigorous activity. All cadets play competitive sports or intramural sports at West Point.


    Take the SAT or ACT. Do the best you can and take it multiple times. Have your scores sent to West Point.


    Contact your local congress person for a nomination. There is a limited number of congressional nominations available so you may have to compete for one. Generally, an interview process in involved.


    Once your application packet is complete, mail it in. If you get accepted, congratulations.


    If you don't get accepted, its ok. Many candidates apply and don't get accepted. If this happens, there are still many courses of action you can take. Apply to West Point's Prep School: this is a year long fully funded program that serves as a direct pipeline into West Point. Also, there are other Prep Schools such as New England Military Institute. Apply to a different service academy such as the Naval Academy, Air Force Academy, Coast Guard Academy or Merchant Marine Academy. Apply to schools similar to West Point such as Virginia Military Institute or The Citadel. Apply for an ROTC Scholarship. Most schools have this option and you will be commissioned upon graduation. Enlist in the US Army. West Point saves slots for candidates that are in the Army. Candidates are extremely competitive for admission after they have proven themselves worthy as a Soldier. Whatever path you take, continue to apply every year. You can be as old as 23 your freshman year.

    West Point is not your typical college. It requires discipline, following stringent rules, exercise and a great deal of studying.

    You are commissioned a Second Lieutenant in the U.S. Army upon completion at West Point. You are expected to serve for 5 years after graduation.

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  • 4 years ago

    My brother goes to West Point, elegance of 2014. I've discovered plenty approximately it. West Point improvement's your profession extra and offers you a greater risk at getting the department you desire on account that they're the United States Military Academy. It's simplest one million,2 hundred I believe out of the 30,000+ men and women that practice that get in. They form you to turn out to be extra of a chief than ROTC does. Since the probabilities are so slender to get into West Point, I could practice to each ROTC and West Point in order that if West Point fails you'll consistently return on ROTC. I have got to provide you with a warning that obtaining into West Point is a rough and really aggressive method. I have no idea so much approximately the Rangers, despite the fact that my cousin is on. Good success! GO ARMY BEAT NAVY!

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