What did you think of UFC 129?

I basically knew GSP would dominate which he did..Jake only did the damage he did cause of the accidental poke in the eye. And I dont want to see GSP v. Silva..they should stay in their weight class.

Looks like Return of the Dragon..sorry to see Couture go out with a loss though

Rory MacDonald literally wiped the floor with Nate Diaz..Diaz should just go to BellatorFC or something..he isnt ready for UFC.

I didnt really care for other fights..those 3 were my fave.

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    9 years ago
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    I thought the overall show was really good. I know there are people out there raising a big stink over the fact that GSP didn't finish Jake Shields, but nobody can say that he didn't control every aspect of the fight and win a clear cut hands down decision. I know that people are starting all of the GSP can't finish anybody talk again. The only thing I would say to any of them is, when was the last time you fought for a world chapionship against another undeniably world class fighter. I competed for over 20 years, but I never competed at that kind of level, so I'm not gonna trash talk on guys that do so and do it with class and honor.

    I thought the Randy Vs Machida fight was great. I was a little surprised that Randy was completely unable to gain any control over Machida at all in the fight. I figured that he would at least be able to gain a little control over him, but Machida was just on and took it to him. Will miss Randy a lot though complete class act and great ambassador for mma.

    I thought the Aldo Vs Hominick fight was good and competitive, but Aldo just proved to be too much for Hominick. They are both great fighters and I think that both of them started off a bit cautious of each others power, but I thought the over all fight was pretty good.

    I thought the flying triangle by Garza was just bada$$ and he gets a lot of props from me for pulling that off after some of the shots he took.

    Vladdy proved he still has some fire left in him with the big knock out of Brilz, that was cool Vladdy has been around a while and is a first rate guy. Good to see him get back on track.

    I was blown away with the way Rory MacDonald handled Nate Diaz, he just schooled him every where the fight went and put it on him. Jason McDonald looked really good coming back into the UFC.

    Source(s): 30+ years of trainingin and teaching martial arts, 20+ years of competitive fighting
  • 9 years ago

    I seriously thought Jake had a chance, and really it wasnt as one sided as GSPs last couple fights. I would like to see Jake get another chance. What I thought of the whole pay per view is it was really good as a whole. The prelims were all pretty good. My favorite was Rory MacDonald vs Diaz, those body slams into the mat was awesome! I wouldve liked to see Randy win so he can leave mma on a 4 fight win streak and I wish he would stick around but he's almost 48 so it's time for him to leave before it's to late.

  • 9 years ago

    Mark Hominick showed the heart of a lion. GSP was more of the same. He really doesn't have a strong competitor at welterweight. Couture is long overdue for retirement. The show was not bad at all. A GSP main event just doesn't deliver the excitement I like in my main event. He wins and dominates but doesn't electrify. Bring on GSP vs Anderson, maybe we can get a finish for a change!

  • 9 years ago

    it was a pretty good event. I expected GSP to work Shields for 5 rounds. The Machida fight was a given. Randy should have retired after his last fight. Machida still has to get past a couple top people to get into title contention again. KO'ing a 47 year old man doesn't put you into title contention.

    Loved the MacDonald/Diaz fight. It was the best fight of the night in my opinion.

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  • 9 years ago

    i thought all the fights was amazing, the main event not so much, but yea,,, and gsp didnt dominate jake shields, total damage, jake shields did more, reguardless of the poke in the eye, the fact is its amazing to me everyone compliments gsp's gameplanning, but the fact is, jake shields out gameplanned gsp in this fight, gsp thought he was gonna come in and go for takedowns, and he didnt, he was more interested in keeping it standing to proove a point... something ive been saying for a LONG TIME... gsp's standup, is PATHETIC... has nothing to do with the eye, has to do with the fact his stand up isnt good, he beats up guys whos stand up aint good, and jake shields stand up is HORRIBLE, but he worked on his foot work, and he worked on his 1-2 combos and body and leg kicks... and he applyed them GREATLY, i had it a draw, if forced to pick a winner id of picked shields due to the fact he did ALOT more damage, the crane kick was amazing, and rory macdonald, i wanna see what his drug test says, cause that acne on his back is a side effect of using riods... so im interested in seeing that, and to say the other fights you didnt care for? are you stupid? the best fight was the aldo hominick fight... BY FAR. and the worst was the shields gsp fight... BY FAR, spinning back fist knock out? thats not awesome? you aint an mma fan LOL, the matyushenko 1-2 knockout? AWESOME... mount triangle choke? AWESOME... this was a great card...

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    9 years ago

    well i haven't seeing the fight and i don't really know much about jake but

    i know gsp is a very good fighter

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