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Has anyone used Tricare Express Scripts while being away from post?

I need a refill on my prescription that i would normally just refill through the on post pharmacy. However i am not near my post or any post for that matter, so i need to just use a regular pharmacy. Do i need to get a written prescription from my on post doctore, so can i just call express scripts?

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    If you have refills left on your perscription, the pharmacy can contact your PCM. Express Scripts can not authorize refills to be filled, they only authorize the payment once those refills are completed.

    If you have refills left, you should be able to take your perscription bottle to the pharmacy, they will then call your PCM, and it will get filled. Unless you are on AD, you will be responsibile for your Co-pay...$3/generic or $9/brand...for up to a 30 day supply.

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