What is considered business equipment?

I'm filling out a job application and it is asking me what business equipment I can operate. I named a few but I am sure I am familiar with many more. I just can't think of any right now. Help? List what you know. Thank You!

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    Business equipment in this case refers to things of the following nature:

    Coffee machine and microwave

    Desktop/laptop computers and standard business software such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc. and their generic substitutes, and Calendaring/scheduling and contact management software

    Office grade printers (mostly in the vein of replacing toner cartridges and getting your own special paper needs in them before printing and out right after)

    Coffee machine and microwave

    Copiers (from small ones to machines that really crank including their special features like collation,

    stapling, and binding)

    Simple common binding systems (the kind that put the little square holes on the edge and spiral rings into them)

    Coffee machine and microwave


    Phone systems (not updating extensions and such in the software, but taking and transferring calls, setting up conference calls, voicemail, etc.)

    Fax machines and fax software in the computers

    Coffee machine and microwave

    and of course, any old adding machines, calculators, AV equipment, etc., that the office has lying around or that the boss dotes on.

    Bear in mind when thinking about these things that even if you can't operate a mid- to large-range copier, claiming you can operate a straightforward one is likely true. Probably that'd be skimmed right over, but who knows.

    Another thing to bear in mind is that "secretaries" use Word as a typewriter. "Assistants" use Word to collate disparate sources of material into a single document, to produce simple presentation materials, and as a typewriter. Be sure you don't overclaim. If you can't create a table in Excel from data you import and slip it into a report in Word, don't claim you can. It will quickly become apparent and it's not likely anyone will want to train a dishonest fellow for it. But... they may. Gauge that, or just be honest.

    Jokingly mentioning you know how to keep your use of an office refrigerator to current items that you always label is best left for an interview.

    But... that's not an utterly insignificant thing either.

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    What Is A Business Machine

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