Thomas R. Woodling: do you know him?

I am looking for ANY information on Thomas R Woodling. He is buried in Sewickley Cemetary, Allegheny County, and died around the early 1900's. He was 15-17 years old when he died. Any information will work: Family, how he died, where he lived, etc. Thanks!

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  • 9 years ago
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    J A Woodling M 31y

    Parent Agnes Woodling F 28y

    Robert S Woodling M 4y

    Thomas R Woodling M 2y

    John A Woodling M 1y

    this family lives in Allegheny county, in the 1920 census, meaning this Thomas was born about 1918. If the right one, then he died in the 1930s? You say early 1900s but there are a number of Thomas Woodlings, and it can be hard to define. It seems to be the right county. You might want to track Robert, John A, who were brothers...and if they have living descendents, then possibly they can answer more questions. The cemetery does not show any Woodlings on findagrave..but that does not mean they are not there. Contact the office for other possible relatives.

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