How would I cite this in MLA?

How would a cite a quote in an article by an author that is not the author of the article?

it goes like this:

[[ Here’s what others have said about “brand:

A “brand” is not a thing, a product, a company or an organization. A brand does not exist in the physical world—it is a mental construct. A brand can best be described as the sum total of all human experiences, perceptions and feelings about a particular thing, product or organization. Brands exist in the consciousness—of individuals and of the public.

—James R. Gregory, “Leveraging the Corporate Brand” ]]

the author's name is thoma but he is quoting gregory. how would i cite that if i wanted to use gregory from thoma's article in my paper? -_-

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  • 9 years ago
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    If the quote is from Gregory, then you would quote and cite Gregory, just as the previous author (Thoma) has. No need to mention Thoma in this case, since it they are not his words.

    That link has examples of citing in MLA format.

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