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Tim asked in Business & FinanceInvesting · 9 years ago

What company to Invest in?

For a project for class I have to choose between Eli Lilly and Johnson and Johnson and making an end decision of which of these two to choose to invest in. They both have comparable ratios compared to industry averages too so what numbers/ratios are the MOST important in making this decision? I know there's a lot of factors and a lot of ratios but I need to choose the most crucial in making this decision. Any suggestions would help! Thanks

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  • 9 years ago
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    The better value is LLY. Historically P/E is "the most important" way to evaluate and value stocks

  • 3 years ago

    it fairly is incredibly not a query which would be spoke back in 3 sentences relies upon on WHAT % OF your employer he's purchasing and how a lot DEAL you artwork out they're going to need a huge % of possession and earnings no person is going to take a place $10 million till the employer is already making a number of million a year in earnings if he invests $10 million and turns right into a 60% proprietor - which ability your 40% in now technically worth $6.sixty seven million

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    9 years ago

    want to make lot of money with little risk. If you invest in penny stock you should invest in Evolution Fuels Inc (EVFN) $.0001 because it as the lowest and it no long going down. if you look as the graph it show every few years it have very high increase in price. such as $1.40-$2.60. so in you bought $100 stock as $.0001 which equal to 1000,000 share in few year you sell it $1.40 year earn $1,400,000. the cost is low but earning it way up there.

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    Again it depends on your objective,short term gain /loss or long term gain/loss.No one can predict in the stock market with certainty.For a long term investment,my personal suggestion is for F(Ford),GE(General Electric) and GLW (Corning)

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