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翻譯英文!! 只差三題唔識點譯, 趕交功課, 唔該好心人

1. 這樣負面的家庭背景, 使孩子對婚姻充滿了恐懼感. 對於孩子的婚姻價值觀,社會是否應加以重視了,倘若處之不理,可能將是日後社會的一個問題。

2. 然而,這個計劃至今一直沒有向外公佈執行的實際成效,不禁令外界質疑賭場是否有決心推行負責任博彩,且進入賭場的把關不嚴,該計劃其實形同虛設,單純由當事人自己決定。例如自我隔離計劃的申請人,必須由賭徒本人向博彩監察協調局提出申請,但成功申請“隔離”後,賭徒亦隨即可以在家人不知情之下,私下再度申請取消“隔離”。因此,負責任博彩的概念仍需要政府部門協助,並大力推行。

3. 由於人員流失情況嚴重,對個案跟進造成極大的影響, 有社工在學年心理輔導工作計劃未完成便離開,更遑論追蹤問題學生個案進展;而且,社工經常流動使學生對其信任度下降,不願傾談心事,駐校社工發揮的功用因此下降。


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    1. the family background of this negative, child marriage was filled with fear. For values of child marriage, should the social attention, if ignored, may be one of the problems in the future.

    2. However, this project has not been made public of practical results, questioned whether the Casino cannot help but the outside world is determined to implement responsible gambling, and enter the Casino checks are inadequate, the plan in fact useless, simply decided by the parties themselves. Such as self-isolation plan applicants must apply by the gambler himself to betting monitoring Coordination Council, successfully applied for "quarantine" after, under the gambler was to people at home without the knowledge, again apply for cancellation in private "isolation". Therefore, responsible gaming concepts still need Government assistance, and vigorously implemented.

    3. because of the serious wastage, great impact on the case investigation, social workers in school counseling plan unfinished left, let alone on the problem of tracking student progress, and social workers often flow enables students to its decline in confidence, unwilling to talk to your mind, role of school social workers play decline.

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