who believes the owners are right?

to me, as a retired business owner, it is nobodies gd business what my companies revenue is. if my business is solely dependant on my employees, ¨´aka´´ nfl, then i should be obligated to compensate them fairly. to me fairly is 100 percent family medical coverage for life after 5 years of continuous service to the league. minimum base salary of 50,000 up to no more than 2 million per year. incentive based contract bonuses with strict guidelines to protect both owners and players. did these players put up millions of dollars to draft them in the first place. did these players build stadiums so fans could come and watch them play ect ect ect. every sports league should have base salary caps with performance generated bonuses. i had a guy that worked for me that made 18 dollars an hour. he was so good with clients that i felt the need to give him over 20 grand a year in bonuses. in the nfl that 20 grand could probably translate into 20 million over the life of a 5 year contract. players stop asking for crazy money, owners take care of the players. easy done deal nfl on in 2011.

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  • 9 years ago
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    There is normally a risk in business, owning an NFL team has no risk to it. I think the deal they have now is more than fair, but they should probably restructure signing bonuses, as a unproven player shouldn't be getting $50 mil guaranteed, rather that cash should be spread out through veterans and staff.

    Right now the deal is 50/50. Meaning the avg. NFL owner is bringing in 100's of millions a year for doing very little, and with very little, if any risk. Fact: most NFL stadiums were built with public tax dollars, not by the owners.

    I would be very happy if the NFL worked a deal where they both took pay cuts (office and field) and they made affordable seats in NFL stadiums. To take a family of four to a game you're are looking at spending between $400-$1200 to go to the game. That's a little ridiculous.

  • 9 years ago

    One would think that a retired business owner would know how to use capital letters. Obviously your business wasn't tutoring people in English.

  • 9 years ago

    So, let me get this straight ... You used to own a baseball team, and now you got nothing better to do than post on Y!A politics .

    ... Is your real name George Bush?

  • Cindi
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    9 years ago

    And why are they getting 10,000's of hours of free advertising every week?!

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