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What will happen to Libya?

Okay I have to write a prediction essay about Libya. I have to write it like I am a news reporter and its now 2012, and Im reporting about how Libya is now. We have to write what we think will happen to Libya when all this crap is done. So far I have this: Muammar Gaddafi will be killed by the rebels and when the police found out who killed him they found out the leader whose name was Rashafan Nourhan. (i made that up) . They found Rashafan , then I dont know what to write next. Please help , P.S its due tomorrow & it has to be a whole page front & back . THanks:)

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    1 decade ago
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    Libya no longer has a police force, the rebels killed 100 police men in benghazi in the first day, stole all their ammunition and then robbed the military depot.

    Gaddafi is unlikely to be killed by the rebels. The only reason the rebels got so far was because it was completely unexpected, you are talking about a country that has never had a major protest since gadhafi became the king. It takes about24-48 hours to ready the army for combat, this is called mobilization in military terms. The rebels were going around looting unguarded or low security police stations and military areas. Now that the army is mobilized they fought back.

    There are only 3 ways this ends

    1. US and imperial forces withdraw. Highly unlikely because of all the lies Obama, Cameron, Sarkozy have dug themselves into it will be difficult for them to withdraw. Ie. Obama claimed Gadhafi said he was going to kill everyone in benghazi, according to other tv networks this is untrue. Russian also have said there is no proof gadafhi used planes to bomb any buildings according to their radars.

    2. Stalemate. Obama and imperial forces do not withdraw but hold the status quo, this is highly likely. Libya could split into 2 states until 1 side is strong enough to push out the other. Since USA does not want a full invasion using americans it is likely they will prevent libyan army from beating the rebels with air power.

    3. Imperialist step up campaign and gadhafi leaves, or is killed. the rebels are incapable of winning on their own. They are guerillas from the taliban in libya. Most likely a new dictator takes over, who kills many in tripoli and makes gadhafi look like a saint.

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    4 years ago

    that's not genocide as all of us are conscious of it. The unrest that began in Tunisia then Egypt is spreading around the Arab international. In Libya the protection rigidity are attempting to surrender the protests by ability of firing stay ammunition into crowds of protesters and a great type of have been killed. meanwhile Colonel Gaddafi has fled (unconfirmed) to Venezuela for cover, yet another united states ruled by ability of a dictator .

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    oh oh don't goes with others head go with the peoples head..........................means real libyan peoples head sure you will get the answer.... of what you want

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