richard thomas play in a movie about the mississippi flood?

i thought the name of it was the great flood,but its not.if u dont know who richard thomas is he played johnboy walton on the waltons

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  • 9 years ago
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    The name of the movie is : FLOOD: A RIVER S RAMPAGE

    U.S.A, 1998

    Starred : Richard Thomas, Kate Vernon, Nigel Bennett

    Direction: Bruce Pittman


    Based on actual events from the early '90s and first aired on the Family Channel, this exciting drama centers on the attempts of one small town to keep the Mississippi river from destroying it. The leaders in this seemingly impossible quest are widower farmer Herb and the Army Corps of Engineers woman he loves. Despite their efforts to shore up the town's levees, the water keeps rising, and the town is increasingly at risk. When a levee up-river breaks, Herb's kids are caught in the flood and a massive search ensues. Finally, just as the town is about to be inundated, Herb finds himself forced to make a difficult decision between the town's welfare and his own.


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