Hi there. I am having a problem in my pelvic area. I've never had this problem before.

18months ago I had my son, I went back on the pill couple months after, then came off them for a break and I didn't have a period for couple of months :-/ Went to the doctor and she said its most likely to be my hormones and they just wanted it to settle Down. This went on for another 6months, I did endless pregnancy tests and all came bk neg, which I wasn't surprised by as me and my partner are using condoms. So anyway i go bk to the doc and she examines me, All fine she says and a day later i come on. Ever since then i have been having periods but they are always a week late. And lasts my normal cycle of 3-5days. Light cramping and not to heavy. Now couple of months ago i noticed a few pains in my groin area, in the crease between my leg and vagina. I thought nothing of it. 3 weeks ago on the 10th i came on a week early which is unusual at the moment, I was shocked because normally it takes me a few days to on into full on "you know what" But this time WHAM there it was no warning, It was so much more painful and so much more heavy. I was changing every 2-3 hours, got to the point I was using 2 towels at a time, and I was on for 11days. Last time I had it that bad was when I was 12 when I first started. Minus the Period pain. Now stranger still 3 weeks later I'm getting back ache and period pain. I am a stress Eric and I have put on loads of weight since having my son. Also I'm a completely different person when I'm on my period, I'm happy, I feel sexy and confident, i sleep better and I wake up better, and I TONS of energy, but when I come off, I'm moody, nasty, argumentative I cant get out of bed, I stay up all night I'm tired and have no angry and I'm just sooo angry. Every since having my son its just been one thing after another, i love him more than anyone and anything but wow. If anyone has any idea what it could be please any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

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  • 10 years ago
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    hi i'm no doctor but your symptoms sound quite similar to mine, i've just been diagnosed with polycystic ovaries. One in five women have them and most women dont even know they have them! Go see your gp for a proper diagnosis. They tested me by doing blood tests and sending me for a scan.

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