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FAFSA + Food Stamps = Mom won't let me get a job , HELP!!!!!!!!!?

I'm 19 and I want to get a job, but my mom says -No, that's not a good idea becuase she made an application for receiving food stamps-, (they haven't confimed her if she will recieve that card thing or whatever), and also she said -that maybe I wouldn't recieve FAFSA for stuying at The Community College for Fall Semester if I get a job ( I made an application weeks ago, and well the whole proccess to receive an answer from them, if I will apply for financial aid takes about 1 month, so I have no confirmation yet).

A New Pizza Hut will come soon near my house,and they're hiring right now, I wanted to go for making an application for a Part Time Job, but she didn't let me go. I don't know what to do, I want to get a Job for buying CLOTHS, VIDEOGAMES, MOVIES ETC ETC for me. But she WONT LET DO THAT.

What should I do? Does anyone know if can get a job even having these programs? If I stat working will my family lose stamp food program, or will I lose FAFSA program?

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    It won't affect FAFSA in the least, they ask for your parents income until 24, not your at all. It may affect food stamps. However, what kind of mother encourages not working to live in benefits? People like your mother SICKEN me. You need to get a job. You're 19, it's high time!

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    YOU ARE OVER 18!!! Therefore you need to start thinking about yourself and your own future. Do you want to live on food stamps and live in a not so great area?? Probably not. This question hit home really bad for me especially because my boyfriend of five years has not gotten a job his whole life because his mommy is lazy and want benefits to support her, and having him in the home without a job helps her get a lower rent, and more money for food etc. HE IS 30 NOW!!!!! Do you want that to be you??? Listen, if your mother loves you, explain to her that you don't want to live off of the government when you get older. Tell her you love her, but you want bigger and better things for yourself and your future children, and not building a hard working ethic won't help you have a good life. Secondly, have you thought about college?? you can buy your mom some time by going to school, plus you would be doing yourself a favor by getting an education that will bring you much further than working at a Pizza Hut. I can tell you are a motivated young person......don't wait, act now and do school......if you really are against that, then try to find a job under the table, if a real job is going to impact your mother that badly!!!!! But always think about your future first!!! Jobs are scarce these days, and especially for those who haven't gone to college ( and financial aid would cover the cost along with grants, so you have no excuse to NOT better yourself). -From a wise girl who was in your shoes, and just finishing college now! Still living with my mom too, and working a low paying yourself now!

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