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what is Kazakhstan's official language?

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    The only official language is Kazakh, it has cyrillic letters and a bit similar to Turkish in words and pronunciation. However, Russian is the spoken language. 90% of people speak Russian there and 50% speak Russian and Kazakh. All the documents and signs are in two languages, but Kazakh is the only language considered as official.

    Source(s): i was born there
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    Kazakhstan's Official Language is Kazakhsha or Kazakh Tili [Қазақ тілі, қазақша]

    It is written via Cyrllic Alphabet. Centuries ago. They were using Arabic Letters

    Total Speakers: 8 with 8,3 million.

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    kazakh is the official language, and russian is the 2nd official language -

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    Kazakh language and russian.

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