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When were the laws of abortion instituted?

And how/why were they instituted?

Once again I'm working on a project and need some help!

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    Roe v. Wade was the landmark case. Some other important cases are Planned Parenthood v. Casey and Gonzales v. Carhart. You can Google all those cases.

    Basically any law which places an undue burden on a woman attempting to get an abortion will be struck down as unconstitutional. Examples of an undue burden are spousal consent or a long waiting period. Examples of restrictions that are NOT undue burdens are parental consent, a 3 day waiting period, or a mandatory doctor visit.

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    Abortion was needed for many reasons in the united kingdom.

    People who couldn't cope with a baby simply had homemade abortions...

    this would be by using needles, coat hangers or flooding the womb to flush out the baby like a period.

    The thing was British law was based around christianity... Killing was known as wrong and this is what abortion can be seen as

    but as time progressed they realised change was needed - babys that were forced to be born because of no option to abort were likely to have a bad quality of life.

    The law for abortion was cast in 1967 - abortion act

    This way people were at a lower risk of infection and the home made operations going wrong, babys that were born wouldn't be forced upon the parent - better standard of life.

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