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Since when is "African" considered a race?

I just saw President Obama's "birth certificate" (?) on a site. It listed his mother as "Caucasian", which is a race but father was listed as "African" which is a place. There are many million Caucasian natives in Africa. This was in 1961 and the term then was n3gro. Black is a color, Africa is a place, both are not races. So when did "African" become a race? I was born in Indiana, do I list "Hoosier" as my race?


@ lise fooling, the thing said "race", not where you were born..genius.

Update 2:

@ Hobbit... 95% of black Africa have no White in them, look at the results..Chew on that.

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    Since Colonial times.

    Hawaii let people put down what they wanted for race. Obama Sr. wasn't from America so he didn't have American views of race. The world is a very big place.

    Here's a travel guide to Africa, published in 1961. It's open to the Kenya section. It calls the territory Kenya. On a prior page, it says "Kenya is the most visited of the British East Africa territories." Note it also talks about the major races in Kenya -- European, African, Asian (Indian and Pakistan), and multi-racial.

    Also look at the 1962 Kenya Census instructions.

    Race.- Write European, Arab, Somali, or African, etc. Asians must write Indian or Pakistan

    So Obama Sr. put down what he knew was his race -- African.

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    Are you aware that the Causasians are a mountain range?

    I was alive 1961 and the terms then were changing, African-American was being used since Hawaii is multi racial and was comfortable with that, it's not unlikely they would have used it.

    Its time to give it up, really, its just not saying much about the people who cling to this despite the fact that so many rightwingers have just given up on this. It's over, hes American born. Stop clinging to useless doctrine, Even Fox doesn't believe he's not American, even Beck.

    What else do you want?

    While Americans may have called the race Ne-ro, the rest of the world called them African, as they are the race, not just the location.

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    Even in the sixties, race was becoming considered a social rather than a scientific term. As such, it was easily subject to redefinition, and people started to define their race based on where there ancestors lived or the color of their skin or both. For instance, "Mongoloid" was replaced by "Asian" and "*******" by "Black." "Caucasian" came to mean light-skinned people with European ancestry although it originally included dark-skinned people from the Middle East and the Indian subcontinent. So it is not surprising that President Obama's father would have considered his race as "African."

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    In the past, bigots frequently used "African" as equivalent to black. Te intent was to label anyoe with dark skin in a derogatory manner.

    Race itself is a social fiction created by those same bigots. For example, these racists at one time defined anyone with ANY African decent as black -- the so-called one-drop rule. Now consider this: 85 percent of "white" Americnas--including YOU, in all liklihood -- are not wite, they a re black, according to the one-drop rle.

    And if you had any ancstors in the US prior to 1900, the otts you have some African descent approach certainy.

    Chew on that one, "bro"


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    Heard about that on Shawn?Hannity's radio show. I didn't think it was logical either.

    Source(s): I'm from California. The land of fruits & nuts. (used to be a sign that said that coming back from Vegas) I'm no fruit. Been told I'm a nut many times. So I'll use that when I forge my next BC.
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    Since the guy using the Photoshop wasn't smart enough to know any better.

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    it is a description, genius, not a race.

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