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Speech about Mental Health?

Hi, I need to do a speech about mental health. Disorders etc here are the following questions to my speech

1. Explain how mental health impacts young people

2. How can we help minimise the risk

3. Give tips/ advice/ strategies

( This has to cover mental health and mental illness )


thanks <3

2 Answers

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    Kids suffering from mental health disorders, routinely seek to have their work done for them through the internet. We can minimize the effects of mental health disorders in young people by instilling in them a sense of pride for themselves, so that they will be less likely to develop poor morals and ethics over time, and continue to pass their work on to anyone who is willing to do it for them. Strategies for young persons with mental disorders would include: taking their education seriously, and not being lazy. Medications that may help include: humility, and having a conscience.

    Source(s): I answered a question for a person with a mental disorder, a few seconds ago.
  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    I even have melancholy, this is extremely extreme. I communicate effective, even perchance properly; I do exactly not choose to. yet confident psychological well being very lots does make contributions to speech themes or a minimum of irregularities in speech. between the 'unfavourable' indicators of Schizophrenia is the 'knocking down of influence' and 'poverty of speech' - this is a loss of facial expression and expression and emotion in the voice and a bad vocabulary and sentence shape and so on. issues like rigidity themes might have a knock-on influence - those with rigidity themes realted to social circumstances might sense uncomfortable conversing in such circumstances, ever heard the slogan 'i'm silent, inspite of the shown fact that that's not because of the fact I don't have something to declare' - may lead directly to stuttering this is habit forming and undesirable conversing skills because of the fact they have been in no way given the possibility to develop. finally nonetheless, while you're touching on psychological well being as psycopathological themes that are greater to do with the neurochemistry of the thoughts, psychological and social aspects then those speech themes might very properly be 'found out' - actualy speech themes have greater deep-rooted 'actual' reasons which contain bizarre thoughts shape, led to possibly via deformity or thoughts harm and so on...

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