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About my Job........My duties as the the director of operation in the company is to Act in the best interests of the company and in good faith at all times. Prepares proposals for support of ship operations and for the acquisition of shipboard equipment and shipboard scientific equipment. Recommends and implements policies pertaining to marine personnel and vessel operation. Maintains records of vessel utilization, structures, and regulatory and inspecting agency compliance.

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    關於我的工作........我的職責在該公司的最大利益和時刻誠信行為是操作在該公司的董事。船舶操作支援和船用設備和船上的科學設備購置準備的建議。建議,並實現與水手和船隻操作有關的政策。維護記錄的船舶利用率、 結構和監管和檢測機構法規遵從性。

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