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英文作文 幫我中文翻英文

請幫我翻這篇有關手機的短文 感恩感恩



的攜帶在身上,聯絡很方便! 第二,年輕人喜歡用手機來傳簡訊,因為方便

快速又即時,所以已經幾乎取代了信而廣泛被使用 第三,手機的功能越來越


新的功能,例如拍照,遊戲,聽音樂等等.. 除了通話之外 她已經變成一種







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  • 9 years ago
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    The handset now is modern people's indispensable thing, why as for the handset can the such universal reason, I think has following several, first, because he is very convenient he to be possible to surmount the region the limit, the anytime and anywhere carryhome on the body, the contact is very convenient! Second, the young people liked with the handset passing on the news brief, because facilitates fast immediate, but therefore already nearly substituted for the letter widely to use third, the handset function was more and more formidable, not only the modern handset already the handset, also increased very many new functions besides the telephone conversation function, for example the photograph, the game, listened to music and so on. She already turned one kind of entertainment besides the telephone conversation.

    Therefore each people all could not not have the handset, was short the handset to be able probably to be short a life part of dissimilarity,

    recently, has promoted the wisdom handset, the handset and the computer element unified in together, unified the handset surfer function, deepened everybody affection, therefore pushed to the handset other wave peak. The social group website also to make contact with now the handset upsurge, with the handset could on the social group website, creates the wisdom handset upsurge, therefore I thought the handset the importance only could be more and more obvious, moreover more and more could not substitute.

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