I have a big boy problem!?

i like this guy but i soon realize that he kinda likes me but when i told one of my best friends, she went up to him and told him straight forward that i like him and i told her that im a private person and he said he doesn't like me, but i ask my teacher ( best friend, if you do his work he'll do things for you) anyway i ask my teacher to ask him and he said that i was cute but i can't talk to him because he's going to aep, and i won't see him.

should i still like him even though he only talks about smoke,girls,and drugs?y

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    9 years ago
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    1. Your friend is a b****. If I were you, I would stop talking to her and I would trust her never again. What she did was absolutely wrong, unless you had asked her to go and tell him, which you hadn't.

    2. As good and trustworthy a teacher may seem, I don't know if it's good talking to him about such personal stuff. It was just weird of him going and asking the boy if he likes you.

    3. If boys such like him are your type, then I guess it's completely normal you like him.

    If he likes you too, you could be together without that meaning that you have to start smoking or taking drugs because he might smoke or take drugs. You should try to change these habits of him, for both yours and his good. Briefly, you want to like him, like him but don't let yourself do what he does.

    Good luck :D

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