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ACWW: Tom Nook catalog problems. PLEASE HELP!?

Ok, so on Animal Crossing Wild World, I am trying to order something from my catalog. Tom Nook says, "Sorry, but I am already jammed with orders, maybe I can take your's another day."

I haven't ordered anything, so I have no idea why he won't let me order....

Please tell me what the problem is!

2 Answers

  • 1 decade ago
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    have you been trying to buy the same thing each time?

    does he say this everyday?

    is anyone moving in or out?

    talk to the dog at the town gate (not booker the other one) and ask him if anyone is in your town. sometimes when there are travelers like the walrus and whatnot you cant order things

    if you still cant figure it out ask someone in the site below

    theres a great site for animal crossers to exchange friend codes, its called it doesnt have too many members yet (around 150) but if you all join it could be huge! its always hard to get friend codes for wild world but with this site its easy

    this site includes

    become a member (free) and have a profile with all your animal crossing info on it

    live chat (like facebook)

    wall posts






    you can see when people are on to wifi with them

    and more!

    its awesome so if your a wild world animal crosser then join!!

    once again

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  • 1 decade ago

    I've had animal crossing for five years now, and after the first year of having it he started saying it... He still does. I just thought it was part of the game?

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