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Who's taking the AP Chemistry Exam and how prepared do you feel?

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    I feel like I'm at a 4 level based on my raw multiple choice scores on practice exams. :/

    How about you?

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    I'm not taking it this year, but I took it last year. Around this time, I was definitely not as prepared as I wanted to be. I tended to procrastinate too often instead of strengthening the areas I was the weakest at (kinda like what I'm doing for AP Physics this year...).

    All in all, it didn't end up too badly. I completely forgot how to do the first FR question (could only do part a and some of part b), so that sucked. Ended up getting a 4, which isn't bad considering the circumstances.

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    i'm taking it monday.........soooooooooo scared.......i don't feel that prepared at all.....i can't just absorb ALL the info in a i thought since the breakdown of the test goes like this:

    Structure of Matter (20%)

    States of Matter (20%)

    Reactions (35-40%)

    Descriptive Chemistry (10-15%)

    Laboratory (5-10%)

    i am going to focus on knowing everything in the reactions sections as much as i can.....and out of the structure of matter i already know things like atomic stuff (mass, number, protons, neutrons), quantum numbers, electron config and all that....and i don't think questions from laboratory sections would be too there goes my about 60% of knowledge.....and my teacher said if you can get 64% of the things right on this exam...then you get a 5..,...and i'm seriously only aiming for a 3....but studying for a 5

    good luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i hope you get a 5

    and by the way if you want a more deailed breakdown of those sections (%)...then go to collegeboard AP info for chem...

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    there's like three chapters that i'm vague on. i hope i know everything else!

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