I don't understant Hellcats this week! Help?!?

So at the end Dan tells Savannah that his first time was in the back of a van somewhere and she runs out crying. Why does she do that? It doesn't matter does it?

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    That episode wasn't from this week...

    The episode you're talking about it is S.1,Ep. 8 'Back of a Car'. Earlier in the episode Marti mentions she lost her virginity in the back of a car. Later, when Dan and Savannah are at the hotel, she asks him about his first time, he tells her he lost his virginity in the back of a car too. So, she thinks that Dan and Marti lost their virginity to each other, which is true, they did.

    Marti and Savannah talking about Marti's first time:

    Marti: My first time was totally unexpected, okay? It was in the back of a Buick off Route 51 with somebody I never thought it would happen with.

    Savannah: Were you in love with him?

    Marti: That's a complicated question.

    Dan and Savannah talking about his first time:

    Savannah: So, was it romantic?

    Dan: Was what romantic?

    Savannah: Your first time.

    Dan: Oh. Not remotely. It was in the back of a Buick in the middle of nowhere out off of route 51.

    Source(s): I <3 Hellcats! :)
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