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How does dancing en pointe permanently damage your feet?

I am almost 15 and I will be going en pointe in August. My parents are concerned that I will permanently damage my feet. What really happens to your feet from dancing en pointe?

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    I have been en pointe for 3 years, and I'm turning 16 this year. I attended a professional ballet school last summer, and am going again this summer for a month. I have successfully completed two ballet exams and many others in other disciplines. In other words, I think you can trust me. :) As for my feet, they still look normal!

    As long as you get a properly fitted shoe (please go to a proper store, not just a random store that happens to sell pointe shoes) you should not have any problems. Seeing as you're 14, your feet will be almost done developing. If you were 12, then you shouldn't go en pointe because it can cause major problems because your feet are still developing. The only problems you should watch out for are bunions.

    That is what happens when a bunion goes untreated for way too long. If you have a gap in between your big toe and the next toe, you can get a rubber thingy to put in between to stop bunions. Also, make sure to use paper tape, toe tape, medical tape, or whatever you want to call it, to prevent blisters.

    One more thing, make sure your ankles are strong. Never sickle in your feet when en pointe, it's the easiest way to break an ankle. Having flexible feet will be a great asset to completely get on the box.

    As long as you're armed with toe tape, ouch pouches (these things are my best friends!), a knowledgeable teacher, and a proper pointe shoe fitter, you'll have no problems! It can be painful at first, but all you need to do is play around with different methods to stop the pain.

    I hope you enjoy it! Pointe is a gorgeous and unique form of dance that will also help improve your ballet technique.

    Source(s): An extremely fantastic ballet teacher and my own personal knowledge after years of experience :)
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    It fairly is dependent upon how in general you dance, and what form of footwear and padding you've. Many folks get blisters and bunions. If your a professional dancer, your toes are definatly no longer going to appear the finest. Some folks are fortunate and pointe does not do something to their toes=D If you begin manner too younger (while your eight years historic or some thing) then your toes would get deformed and unsightly.

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    Because pointe work can cause friction between the toes and the hard box of the pointe shoe, dancers use several methods to prevent chafing and blisters. Dancers often use lamb's wool or toe pads made of foam or gel, or even folded paper toweling. If any type of padding is used excessively, it will impair the ability to "feel the floor." Many dancers also use sports tape around their toes in order to further prevent blisters and bruised toenails. Also, keeping the toenails clipped as short as possible (without bleeding) is useful in preventing bruised toenails.

    pointe work is very safe if you perform the techneqic correctly.

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    If the bones in your feet are not done growing then pointe work can malform (damage) them.

    Usually they are done growing at 13, but if you have reasons to be worried, get a checkup and clearance letter from your podiatrist.

    Source(s): Professional ballet dancer.
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    Bunions (rare), bruises (not that bad), blisters, ingrown toenails (if you keep them short, this won't happen)turned in toes (very rare). As long as you have comfortable shoes and strong ankles, legs and core, you may not have to deal with more than the occasional blister or bruise.

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    it shouldn't permanently damage your feet. You can get bunions and bruises, but there is not that much to worry about if your body is strong enough.

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    Pointe work will almost certainly eventually give you bunions.

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