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Does this sound like a scam?

So, being that I just had to buy a new car, I decided to pick up tutoring to make some extra money. I'm a journalism graduate, so I figured I'd put a posting on craigslist to advertise my services. I got an e-mail from this person saying he needs a tutor from his son (I have posted the e-mail transcript below) but the fact that he's from overseas and the way he wants to pay me sounds really wierd and I'm pretty wary about it now. It's a little lengthy, but will you please read this and give me your thoughts? I've been a victim of identity theft before so I'm pretty paranoid so I'm thinking of just telling him the deal's off just to be safe. Let me know if you think this sounds like total BS.

His first e-mail:


I hope you are doing fine today..Can you pls let me know if you are able to give lessons my son and how much it will cost for a minimum time of 3hrs per week.

Pls get back to me asap so as to proceed with the arrangement.



My response:

Hi Timothy,

How old is your son and what does he need help on in particular? I typically charge $20 per hour for tutoring but I am willing to negotiate.



His second e-mail:

Hi ,

Thanks for getting back to me and for your commitment..Just to introduce myself to you...I am Timothy Yalamanchili and am a Mechanical Engineer...I was born and raised in Brooklyn,New York but am currently based in Northampton,United Kingdom with my wife and children.

My Son will be coming for an holiday in the States,and i want him to be busy with his studies..Therefore, i just want to know if he can always come to you and teach him English ( Grammar and Essay writing ) every afternoon..If this is possible,i will want you to get back to me with the cost of your teaching him for a month which can start as soon as he arrives...

He will be in the states in very soon and will be coming to your Place for 1 hour each morning/afternoon/evening..I do have someone that will always drive him down to your Place,i mean a Nanny or perhaps you can as well come to him..

My Son's name is Marx,he is 14 years old and he hardly excel in those aspects. I will want you to calculate 1 hour per day for Monday,Wednesday,Friday or you can as well set 3 days that suites your availability for a MONTH,and get back to me so that we can arrange on payment.Kindly get back to me with..

Thanks and waiting to read from you soon.


My response:

Hi Timothy,

For three times a week for the whole month, I would be fine with $200, which calculates out to about 16.66 an hour. When will he be here and is he staying with relatives in Oklahoma City?

I hope my schedule won't be too difficult to work around. I work long hours at my job, from 10-9 on the weekdays, 10-8 on Saturdays, and 12-6 on Sundays. My days off until May 5 are Wednesday and Thursday, but they change at the beginning of each month. Let me know when he will get into town and what days would be the most convenient for him and I will ask my boss if he can adjust my schedule.

Ideally I would like to tutor him on my two days off during the week (which will be consecutive) and on Sunday since I get off earlier.

Let me know if this all sounds good to you.


His third e-mail:

Hello ,

Thank you for the email and really appreciate your consistency.Well Marx is still new to this so you just have to start with him ok,so if there is any hand book needed for the lesson just let me know with the charges for it ok.

Am glad the way you have kept me posted on the lesson arrangements and more so I have accepted your offer and its ok by me,I have make contacts with my Son concerning the arrangement of the tutoring which he told me is ok by him and that he will like to come as soon as possible for the lesson to commence.He should be in town on or before 04/24/2009.

So I want you to know that i am going to pay for a month lesson which is $200 like you said and i want you to know that my client who is in US will be sending you my salary payment..Also i want you to know that the rest of the money will be used to get accommodation beside your location and any other arrangement for the lesson..

So as soon as you get the check payment,you will cash it and deduct your cost of tutoring of the lesson for a month and send/forward remaining balance to my Son's NANNY Via Money Gram.

Regarding this kindly get back to me with your full information to receive the check so that payment can be able to made out in time.

Your full name ........................................…

Your full address,apt #with zip code.................................

Your phone number for contact................................

I have instructed Marx to get some of his picture for me so i can mail them to you for recognition ok.

Thanks you in the an

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    100% scam

    But you already know that, you have been asking this EXACT same question with the EXACT same post for over 2 years now and this is your 7th username.

    Here are your 6 OTHER usernames

    Jesus Brooks

    Luke Freeman


    Rowan Anderson

    Josiah Blake

    Deon Wood

    I see that someone has deleted your "questions" from accounts Josiah Blake and Deon Wood probably due to POINT GAMING since you have dozens of accounts, all used to vote for one account.

    And here are the 7 EXACT same copy/paste questions you have posted.;_ylt...

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    Not sure, but I agree that it sounds very weird. His English is very weird. He says he is born and raised in the US, but his English is strange. I am a foreigner myself, but after living in the US for almost 10 years, I can tell that this guy is NOT born and raised in the US. He uses capital letters very inconsistently (e.g. Son vs son). From a Mechanical Engineer, you would expect better English.

    When I Googled his name, I could only find a very similar posting asking if he was a scam, from 2 years back. That WOULD suggest it is a scam.

    Secondly, I am very confused why he is not going to pay you himself, but through his client. That part is very suspicious. You don't know anything about this guy, and he wants your full name, address, phone number, etc, and he will know when you will be home. He also writes that you can send money back... it all sounds strange.

    I would asked to be paid in cash, not give him your address (yet). Also, I would probably first do a video chat (maybe via Skype or Gmail chat) with the father and with the son. You want to make sure that there is a son!

    But based on other postings asking around about this guy, it definitely smells like a scam.

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