SSI/SSD check for kids! I don't understand it?

This guy that I work with sometimes has a 2 or 3 year old with SF. They receive an ssi/ssd check for there child.

See I don't fully understand this, and have voiced my thoughts about this at work and now this guy don't like me.

Here is what I don't understand, why should that receive a chick for a minor child?? Because the way I see it, they are two grown adults, and there job as a parent is to provide for there child. It's not like this kid is old enough to work and Is missing out on an income due to his disability. So why should he receive a check as a minor child??

I asked him what he gets a check for, and he said so that he can provide a home and basic things for his son. But I think that as the father he should work to provide them things for his family.

To top it off, Uncle Sam gives them $674 a month, and I know that that's not that much, but I don't think they should get anything. To top it off, this dude uses that money to buy drugs for him and his girl! "what losers!!!"

A little more infor on this dude, he's about 25 and his girls about the same. He has never had a job he has told me. I am a contractor, and have been working him for about 2 month as a labor. Half the time he don't wanna work, the rest of the time he has to have a pill to get going in the morning.

I fired him today, because he asked for an advance on his pay for next week, he said he needed it to pay his rent, because he received an eviction notice for unpaid rent.. And his pay for this week was like only for like 13 hours, because he didn't work for 2 days ( his son was sick and had to tale him to the ER) and because Wednesday I paid him some cash because he said he needed some money (asking for cash advances is like an every other work day thing.) and my pay rule is that I pay every Friday after 5 and I don't take out for lunch, or I pay every day after work but if you choose that option I only pay $6 an hour under the table)

And as for taking his child to the doctor, he has a wife or live in girlfriend, if she's not working (and she don't work), I feel that she should deal with the kid during the day, she should do the doctor appointments and any other things that he uses for an excuse to either not come tp work or to have to take off early (I just think most of the time he has tp leave early it's because he found some pills and needs to go get them, and then he asks for cash these days he has to take off early)

And another thing, this dude don't have a car and eater I pick him up in the morning or I send another worker to do so, but he sure does have a ride to get him when he needs to leave early.

See I over here him on the phone, and what he does is play middle man selling "Oxi-IR 30 mg", or he just needs one and his dealer calls and says he has some. That's when he needs to leave work, sometimes saying he'll be back, and he just has to take some money to his girl, because some random utility just got disconnected, but he'll be right back.

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    Children get SSI because they have a disability that requires more care than a typical child. I tried to work from the time my son was 3 until he was 12 with little success. I found creative ways of making money, but it was very difficult because of the amount of time it took to take him to therapy appointments, had to help at school when aids didn't show, and not being able to hire a typical caregiver.

    I don't know what SF is. Perhaps Cystic Fibrosis? If so, that can be a very serious disability. It may require that a person be with the child who is qualified to operate specialized equipment to help them breath or cough. Unless you have actually encountered the child and know how serious their disability is you should just shut up about the check received.

    If you are really so concerned about the amount of the check he is receiving you shouldn't be paying him under the table. If neither parent has a reliable source of income ON THE TABLE, than the child becomes the breadwinner for the family. The parents must declare to SSI their income and the child's check is reduced accordingly. So YOU are a contribution to this being a national problem.

    If you believe the child is not being properly cared, it is your responsibility to report the family to child protective services. You can complain all you like, but if you do nothing about it, you are just as much to blame.

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    9 years ago

    My youngest receives SSI because she is disabled due to down syndrome. She has therapy 3-4 days a week and she's only 18 months old. The SSI helps us cover the cost of her everyday living expenses because I cannot work because I need to be able to observe her therapy sessions since I have to continue the exercises every day. I can sympathize with him having to take off of work when his kid is sick because my husband has to do the same when our daughter has doctor appointments since we only have 1 car (and she has several specialists - an ENT, geneticist, and a cardiologist). The rest of his issues, well those are his problems and shouldn't be blamed on his kid.

    Source(s): I'm a mom of 3 including an 18 month old girl with down syndrome
  • 9 years ago

    I do understand your frustrations, don't get me wrong. However, it falls back on you can't punish the child for the sins (irresponsibility, laziness) of the father.

    People sometimes assume SSI/SSDI hands over money to anyone who walks in off the streets. That myth is based on the fact states are generally very lax, very lenient with the rules, and seldom enforce punishment on those whose cheat the system, when it comes to entitlements. Which, by the way, is why the federal government, will never put Social Security retirement, or disability, in the hands of the states.

    SSA is actually very efficient, or at least as efficient as possible for a large government operation. It is very difficult to meet the requirements for disability, under SSA rules Congress prescribes or them. The burden of proof is on the person filing the claim to provide documented evidence they are disabled for at least 12 months.

    Congress, and the American taxpayers believe it is in the best interest of society, both morally and economically, to provide adequate financial assistance for children that SSA determines to be disabled.

    SSA does not have the funds or personnel to assure every dime of assistance is spent on the child's needs. If the parents or guardian are not providing the child with his/her needs because the money is being used for unauthorized purposes, that should be reported to the states child protective services. It is actually only SSA's responsibility to determine who needs the funds, and they receive it. If the child isn't receiving care, that should fall on the state agency.

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    he sounds like a tosser. good job you got shot of him. sounds more like a liability. as for receiving money for the kid i don't know why he gets it but would imagine it would have had to have a medical to be awarded this. if he spends it on drugs there,s not much you can do. he,s a waster, like the majority these days

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