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Anonymous asked in 社會及文化語言 · 9 years ago

Guangzhou Asian Games 2010

Hong Kong's First Gold in Guangzhou 2010 Asian Games ( 13.11.2010)

At noon, the HKSAR Flag was first raised in the Prize Presentation Ceremony of Guangzhou 2010 Asian Games. Hong Kong cycling athlete LEE Wai Sze entered the Women's 500m Time Trial and gain the first Gold medal for Hong Kong.

On the first day of competition in Guangzhou 2010 Asian Games after the Opening Ceremony, Hong Kong, China Delegation participated in 14 sports, which were Aquatics (Swimming), Badminton, Baseball, Basketball, Billiard, Canoe, Chess (Xiangqi), Cycling, Gymnastics, Handball, Table Tennis, Tennis, Indoor Volleyball and Wushu (Taolu, Sanshou). Among them, LEE Wai Sze won a Gold medal in Cycling (Track) Women’s 500m Time Trial with 33.94s breaking the Asia Record. This Gold medal is the first we achieved in this Asian Games, and is also, in Hong Kong’s history since our return of the territory to the Motherland, the first time we won a Gold medal on the first day of Asian Games competition.

Issued by: Sports Federation & Olympic Committee of Hong Kong, China

Issue Date: 13 November 2010



Which event impressed you most in Asian Games 2010?

Do you support HKSAR as an organizing committee in the coming Asian Games?

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    9 years ago
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    Which event impressed you most in Asian Games 2010?

    Unquestionably, the opening ceremony of the Asian game impressed me most. The riotous scene of both the enjoyable spectators and the competitors, who raised their hands to the masses, was the most remarkable pictures in my memory. Amid a burst of applause, the competitors entered the stage with their smiling faces. The most unforgettable one among them was my idol------ Lin Den, who was the best badminton player in the world and had surmounted a good many international recognized trophies. So, in my opinion, the opening ceremony is the most impressed.

    Do you support HKSAR as an organizing committee in the coming Asian Games?

    Definitely yes, I think my answer is due to various reasons

    First of all, from the perspective of economy, if Hong Kong can be an organizing committee in the coming Asian Games, she may derive much spotlight around the world, and thus appeals to myriads of people travel to Hong Kong. Hence, not only can the travel agency be benefitial, but also the retail industry as well as hotel industry can share a part of it. This, undoubtedly, can revive our badly interrupted economy due to the Financial Tsunami.

    On the other hand, from the perspective of sense of belonging of our citizen, govenment ought to come off this meaningful event so as to shape up sense of unity among people in HK. If HK can successfully uphold this kind of cosmopolitan and popular functions, Hong Kong people may feel proud of it, further give a hand to the coherence of our HK people.

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