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機械工程 vs 電機工程 - need advise!!

I get accepted into UC San Diego Electrical Engineering, as well as UC Irvine Mechanical Engineering major. I personally like mechanical more, but UCI is not as good as UCSD in general (ranked 7th and 11th in terms of US public university). I am trying to gather as much information as possible before I make my final decision.

I am intended to seek for a career in Hong Kong after I receive my degree. My dream jobs include working in power plants (中電/港燈), airline (CX/KA/HX/UO), MTR or any engineering related government agencies.

Oh and also, I love the mechanical engineering program at UCI because it allows me to pick a concentration in aerospace engineering and it sounds extremely cool XD, but I doubt if it will help me to reach my career goal at all except for going into airlines (which is super competitive I believe).

This is going to be the most important decision I need to make in my life so far... any inputs will be greatly appreciated :)

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    The most important thing is you like mechanic more , then this will drive you to learn easier & better . This means you would graduate with honour . If you achieve well , you can easily apply for even better school for master , PHD or research work . It is still a long way to think about what you might work in which fields , after a year or so in university , you would change quite a lot . You might not go back to HK !! Do what you think you like most disregarding the ranking !

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    用電力去推動個摩打 -- 電機工程.

    摩打轉動後所牽引的齒輪等嘅工具 -- 機械工程.



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