Small clothes or big baby?

My breast/some solids fed 25 week old is in the mid-80's for height and weight percentile and is wearing 12 month old clothes, particularly Carter's brand. Are the clothes sized too small or is he just a little on the big side for his age? Dunno what I'll do when he's 12 months!

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  • 10 years ago
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    There is absolutely no rhyme or reason to sizing in babies and children's clothing! My kids regularly have at least 3 different sizes of clothes in their drawer at any one time. Carter's does tend to run small in my experience anyway though. Since he's in the 80th percentile that's not unusual anyway though that he's wearing bigger things. I have 3 kids the oldest has always seemed to go into a size well before hitting that age, the younger two always seem to hit their growth spurts quite a bit later than the other kids their age do, so at their birthday they are low in the percentiles but 3 or 4 months later they are about average. The doctor told us it's nothing to worry about as long as they seems to be following a steady growth curve of their own, how they compare to everyone else is just for curiosity's sake more than anything.

    And don't worry, when he's 12 months old you'll just by whatever size of clothing seems to fit him then. He'll be fine! Good luck!

  • kato
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    10 years ago

    all clothes fit different depending on the brand however if your son is 80th percentile then he's above average for his age for sure likely he will take the next size up.

    if you or anyone is buying clothing for him always guess larger that way if it fits it fits if its to big well then its there for a little later worst thing is paying or getting a gift and he can't wear it!

    my son has never left the 95th percentile for hight since birth. he is very tall for his age, he is 16 moths now and wears 2 + clothing and depending on brands can go anywhere up to 4 yrs!.

    he wears a size 7 shoe.

    enjoy your big little one! ;)

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    10 years ago

    i hate how sizes vary with may just be the brand. but my son will be 3 months on sunday and today he was wearing 6-9 month clothes. some 3-6 but 6-9 fits a lot also. i hate it cause he didnt get to wear a bunch of the clothes i got for him. but it could be big baby and small clothes. i am afraid of grocery bills when hes a teenager lol

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  • 10 years ago

    He is a big boy =] My son is 14 weeks old and is in 9 month clothes as was my daughter at his age which her growing seemed to slow down and her age group caught up.

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  • 10 years ago

    After your baby turns one month old do the world a favor and stop counting age by weeks.

    It's normal for babies to wear bigger sizes. Since he is in the 80th percentile then obviously he is big for his age. He'll probably get to a point where he slows down in growth. My daughter was always around the 80th percentile until she was about two then slowed down in growth and is average size for her age,

  • 10 years ago

    Carter's does run small.

    My daughter who was able to wear preemie clothes fit into a 0-3 mo Carters outfit in the hospital.

    Carters and gerber both run small.

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