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USA an empire in decline?

What do you think?

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    The U.S. is definitely in decline!!! As a kid I loved American history and couldn't believe how many great men and women made this such a great country. From George Washington declining the offer of being President of the U.S. for the rest of his life. Great and honest Americans like Abraham Lincoln, Robert E. Lee, Theodore Roosevelt, Harriet Tubman, Frederick Douglas, etc... To great heroes like George S. Patton, Sgt. York, Audi Murphy and so on. The great Americans go on and on. Look at your average Americans like my grandparents who told me stories of the great depression and how everybody helped each other to get through that bad time.

    We are in the 21st century and what happen to this country. The great industrialists that sent American jobs overseas, so they could put more money in their pockets. The awesome investment bankers who defrauded millions of Americans and cost them their savings, homes and jobs.The great politicians who look the other way, while middle class Americans become poorer, while the rich get richer.

    Should we look at how close the U.S. is to bankruptcy due to the lobbyists, politicians and treasury department that puts their own needs above the their fellow Americans. The greed of these types has gone so far that they don't realize if the U.S. falls, they also fall!!!

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    I agree with Will that the US was (probably) the first country to have the powers of an empire without actually having a physical empire. But that's missing the point of the question. Are these powers in decline?

    Yes, certainly. I don't know how anyone could argue otherwise. Some things to consider:

    1. The ability of the US to force its foreign policy on other people is limited by the power of other parties to resist. China is starting to resist. Russia is definitely resisting. India and Brazil are a bit behind, but they too are starting. The European Union is finding a new path which is arguably less aligned with the US than it was in the Cold War.

    2. The US economy is in shambles. Never mind the optics of people buying PlayStations and flying to Hawaii for vacation. If it were any other country, it would be in an all-out depression right now. It's only hanging on because it is considered "too big to fail" by the rest of the world. Many commodities, including oil, are bought in US currency, so the health of that currency matters to people. And there are trillions of foreign dollars invested in US companies and resources, so again there are big interests in keeping things working. But there's a limit to how much the outside world can stomach. If the Fed keeps devaluing the US dollar by printing more and more money, those countries already threatening to switch to euros for purchasing oil will probably make good on their threats. And those nice Chinese investors (not the government, but the private middle-class individuals who invest in the US in these funny stock market/gambling houses they have in China) will stop investing and start asking for repayments of the trillion dollars they are owed. What then?

    Yes, I would argue that in every conceivable way, the US is in decline. It is unavoidable, given the growth of other countries. The question will be whether Americans take this in stride and fix their economy - while also accepting that other countries will be powerful - or whether they turn to political extremism and blame the world for their ills.

    And Will, spare me the arguments about American "exceptionalism". If I have a kidney stone, I'll pray to be a Canadian citizen. If I have to take someone to court, I'll pray to be Swedish. You get the point - the US system is not as grand as it is made out to be.

  • It does seem like it but i wouldn't be too sure, the Americans are a hardy bunch and they've pulled out of worst declines than this one. IF it does fall then most of the western hemisphere goes with it and since Japan is suffering as well I can only see five real alternatives to the USA these are : Russia,China,Germany,Brazil,Middle East or Germany. Should USA decline rapidly then it will begin to tighten the noose around third world countries and European nations that are in really deep debt to USA and thus the economic power will probably go to the East. But should USA decline rather slowly like then just maybe South America and Europe will have enough time to move their investments East and when USA starts asking for their money back America will get its money back BUT it won't drag the western hemisphere and as oil becomes less important then South America and Asia will be the economical powerhouse of the world. Canada and Russia can easily take the place of America (they've got the biggest virgin oil reserves in the planet).

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    Yes I would agree. Monroe doctrine is now working against them cause you won't find a country in South or Central America willing to tie too close to them considering all the CIA and Pentagon mischiefs that went on there in the last 50 years. The new world powers ( or in some cases old but invigorated) are Brazil, China, India, Russia and especially the EU which IMO will probably be the leading force for the next 50 years if closer ties are established with Russia. The unauthorized sacking of Iraq and the war in Afghanistan have been draining their economy, why else do you think they pulled out of Libya operations and places like Sierra Leone and Côte d'Ivoire are not on their "urgent" list? IMO the US was an empire in all but name, how else to describe the taking of Hawaii, the Philippines, Cuba, Puerto Rico etc.Their economy is still fairly strong but this latest financial crisis has shook them pretty badly and now their voters are screaming for a new and different course which would steer them clear of all the mess they have gotten themselves into. I am not so much against America as I am against their policies and goals which are still too self-centered. I recognize the fact that it is a country, not Red Cross, but still if and when you are styling yourself to be the world's only superpower you also have to accept the responsibility and be willing to admit you are wrong and be ready to rectify your mistakes.

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    First of all we are not an empire, an empire is a vast country under the control of ONE leader. Second, history repeats itself so yes. Third, I think when it happens it will be around the time of the revelations spoken of in the bible-but that has NOTHING to do with 2012 in my opinion.

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    while will the individuals comprehend the international would not want or want you as our international police stress? fact is while the USA of a strides into random distant places international locations to keep democracy you normally create extra mess than advance into there to commence with. In answer to the question. united states of america isn't isolationist or imperial, even though a number of its foriegn coverage mirrors that of an empire. the popular international is created from states and that i could decide to think of advance into previous the factor of establishing empires, perhaps i'm incorrect.... Economically the US is significant, and so politically additionally. they do no longer look to be isolationist, becuase they commerce with each physique else.

  • Will
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    We were never an empire. We are the first country to dominate the world without building an actual empire, and we still have the strongest combination of an objective legal system, individual freedoms and natural resources, so we will likely be the dominant country in the world for many years to come.

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