Doesn't entropy prove the existence of God?

Or at least help prove it:

And please, no "closed system" argument. If you know anything about space, you'll know the radiation background. So please, humor me while I sip these tea that is suffering a heat death.


Oh, and if you're thinking "WTF", don't despair. Just search online how it proves it using the "Google" or "Ya-HOO".

Update 2:

Dear first comment, are you stupid?

What is Judgement Day for? "A new heaven and jerusalem"? Do Revelations and multiverses mean nothing to you?

Update 3:

Hmmm, not many responses.

Looks like I win!

Update 4:

Again to first comment:

how ill Jesus appear in a BILLION YEARS?!

We'll be a whole new species or dead by then! Did you forget being consumed by a dying sun? ARE YOU IN SECOND GRADE?!

Update 5:

"1 view on photo"

That's A SHAME! I worked 4000 hours on MSPaint for that!

Update 6:

@Tina: Aren't you atheists "open-minded"? No wait, that would be too bloody and painful.

Update 7:

@Moose: *facepalm* A heat death doesn't have to be a billion light years long.

Your morning coffee has a heat death just by being left out to cool (which is neglect of coffee, a federal crime).

Go back to high school!

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    10 years ago
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    The physical universe is a made up of three ingredients and that is Time, Space, and energy. Space-time causes energy to move at relative rates of speed ( or vibrations) which we experience through the body which is also made up of energy moving at different rates. Every element is simply energy moving at a different vibration. Matter cannot exist without time and space and the amount of space we see is only in relation to our physical size oriented perceptions neither are we aware of energy unless it moves at different rates and we view and experience it from from the point of view of a relative energy vibration. Our perceptions of the physical universe is very much illusory and completely relative. The reason we search for answers is because down deep we realize how little we know about Truth (reality). Truth (reality) is Un-relative and is our True and always in the Present Origin. Our True and always Present Origin is the Image-less Spirit of Life our Loving Father whom Jesus was introducing us too and asking us to lay down the time created and illusion rooted self identity. Illusion is that which appears, seems real, but then disappears and Truth (reality) is that which is always. One day the Eternal Fire of the Truth is going to destroy all illusion along with those who walked in it because it suited and soothed the lust and desires of the self and they will cease to exist even in memory after judgment. The door way to Eternity is not in the future but always in the Present just as Life is always in the Present.

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Entropy and "heat death" don't give any evidence for or against it. If anything, I would think it would be proof against a god. If he's so grand, can't he make a universe that isn't going to eventually die

    Dear belligerent OP

    Im pretty sure you're trolling but I'll humor you. The judgement day say's jesus will return, but how can he return if there's no energy left in the universe and everyone is dead at that point anyway?

    Plus, we don't know the ultimate beginning or fate of the universe, so we don't know if heat death is inevitable

    ... exactly? It's estimated that our sun will expand and destroy earth in 5 billion years. Long before a heat death. So heat death won't be judgement as you suggested.

    Yeah, this troll is getting tired, you've already worked yourself into a few corners. You should delete this and try again. And plan ahead to get better results

  • 5 years ago

    I would say that entropy disproves the existence of God. Initially I thought that existence of God is also possible, but after I understood the entropy and Principle of increasing entropy I am sure that God does not exist.

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    This tired question continues to come up. Entropy does NOT prove the existence of god/gods. Do you understand entropy and the associated concepts (energy, movement, order vs chaos in systems)?

    PS: "Tea that is suffering a heat death?" Do you understand that heat is energy? Where does that energy go? How does this have anything to do with the existence of an imaginary sky critter?

    Hey, need to be rude and hostile. I would suggest that you read What Is Life? by Schrodinger. It's fun reading but it does not prove god. Nor does your tea analogy--how do you get from the concept of heat death that there is a god? Do you think that your god created the universe for it to die? I don't get it. Also, please tell me who or what created your god.

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    What if your God is false, and it really proves that their is another God? Besides, haven't you heard of the big bang theory? What if there was multiple big bang theories, therefore giving the universe multiple "beginnings" and "ends".

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    No, there is no proof for any god, besides it is a fact that we all evolved from lower life.

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    No. Next talking point.

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    No, that's completely bogus. Where do you people come up with this crap?

  • me
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    10 years ago

    to put it simply, the answer is no

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