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Why did Obama release another FAKE birth certificate the other day?

Well, this is all very sweet, and very handy, but it does not answer the question everyone is asking; Why now?

Last tally I heard said that Barack II had spent 1.6 million dollars preventing Phil Berg’s challenges from reaching open court. Why would he spend this sort of money when all he had to do was release this document. If B.H.O. II wanted to put this issue to rest the way he says, in order to deal with more important matters, the time to do it has long since passed him by.

Add to this the talk that Wayne Madsen is leaving the country because he has been targeted for death by the White House, Wayne’s upcoming release of his new book which is supposed to reveal B.H.O. I and II’s involvement as CIA operatives, and the fact that neither Indonesia nor the U.S. allows dual citizenship therefore B.H.O. II’s travel in the past on an Indonesian passport must mean that he at one point or another denounced his U.S. citizenship.

Now it is possible that his Indonesian passport was something he received as cover for a CIA operation in his past, or this B.C. could be one that the CIA made up for him very recently.

Waving a B.C. at us would have answered all the questions a long time ago, but too much has been revealed about this man through his refusal to do so up till now for this to satisfy us now.

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    Amazing how you birther crazies never have any reliable sources, facts, or evidence for what you say. Like the nonsense about how much has been spent hiding something he clearly didn't need to hide. (Defending lawsuits is a requirement and the fault of the lying birthers.)

    What is your evidence that either one of them is not real or valid? None, nada, nothing. bupkis. You always say you "heard", just like Trump did. But rumor doesn't fly. Facts and evidence do. You have none and the other side has tons of evidence. Name one iota of evidence, real evidence from real people who have seen the documents, that either document is fake. Or the newspaper articles announcing his birth.

    How can you people, who probably pretend to be "christian" keep bearing false witness against your neighbor? You are just a plain old bigot.

    Your time has passed. Go crawl back into your hole. You need new tin foil.

    It was your buddy Bush who was a CIA operative.

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    10 years ago

    All presidential candidates must prove citizenship before their name can be placed on the ballot. Therefore Obama's BC was verified in 2008 or his name would not have been on the ballot. He didn't spend millions of dollars preventing the release of a BC that had been verified in 2008. Logic 101.

    I have never heard of Wayne Madsen or his silly book. It is very doubtful that 6/10 year old Obama renounced his US citizenship in favor of an Indonesian one.

    I seriously hope that you are a troll,

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    Why do liberals ask stupid questions like this one all the time per "conservatives" stupid questions? might desire to that's because of the fact that's not a political association ingredient that persons ask stupid questions and in user-friendly terms the ignorant label the persons asking and subsequently generalizing in an ignorant way?

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    10 years ago

    Don'tmake statements unless you can back them up with information. I notice you did not post a source for you dual citizenship. You are also wrong.

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    10 years ago

    You people are morons. Even if Barack Obama built a time-machine big enough for half of the ******* country, took us all back in time and had us witness his birth you still wouldn't give up on this bullshit.

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    Yes, there is something very strange with the way they blocked the investigations for 3 years. People who don't have anything to hide don't do that. As Trump said, he could have at any time requested that they release the document to him and he could have released it 3 years ago.

    This idea that they couldn't release because of state law is ridiculous. A person has the right to release it himself once he has it in his hands.

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    epic fail

    /face palm

    gl in 2012

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    He's trying to cover up the fact that he was my 1551 Couric crap I took on 8/5/1961 while I was on vacation in Hawaii.

  • 10 years ago

    This idiot is obviously a Prog Shill.

    Obviously the Tea Party or the Republicans don't give enough ammo for these sophist scum bags, because they need to impersonate them and make up garbage they would like people to think they would do.


  • 10 years ago

    Yeah, whatever. Tin foil hat time.

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