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doub asked in Entertainment & MusicMovies · 9 years ago

Can't remember the name - A horror movie about a dad and his daughter taking place in a hospital?

Things that I remember :

- It's about a dad and his daughter

- She is acting weird (always drawing dark and scary things)

- He takes her in a hospital to take some brain scans to see what's wrong.

- She is in a wheelchair in that hospital and keeps drawing scary things on a notebook

- At some point,the entire hospital transforms in a creepy place,all dark and dead bodies everywhere

- Few more people appears and they make a group trying to save themselves.They go from floor to floor to find whats going on.

- Some sort of spirits appear sometimes on the hospital corridors.(one that I remember is a girl with long dark hair,dressed in white.She looks kinda like the one in The Grudge).

- A person from this group goes in room where he finds a wall clock that moves veeeery slow,and when he watches outside the window,is night and raining.And the rain drops are falling very slow,like the time has been slowed down.

Please if anyone knows the movie title tell me asap.

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    9 years ago
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    well the only thing i can think of is The Ring. the Spirit with long dark hair, looks like The Grudge, the Child Drawing dark pictures, there is also, i think its called Dark Water? the girl is drawing the pictures, a spirit of a girl.

    it also sounds like the Buggy man, their in the hospital, and peoples nightmare start to come true, you know the dead bodies, ghost, a child being in a way sick, and there is a fear call Chronometricphobia, where people are afraid of time, and clocks. time slowing down would be a nightmare for them.

    here is a list of more, if any of them sound familar,



    Room 6

    Silent Hill

    Visiting Hours-'82

    Saint Ange


    Session 9

    Schyc 9

    you may want to look for ones based off of Stephen King, Dean Koonts' books.

    i hope i could help. infact i kinda want to watch it now, i am sorta a fan of horror. i love the original nightmare on elms street and i am always watching horror movies. im waiting for friday the 13 to come in our netflix.

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  • 9 years ago
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