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Is Hong Kong safe for a 22 year old female to visit alone for 3 days?

I have a veeeeery long layover in Hong Kong in August on my way back to the states from Nepal... its 78 hours and I picked that flight specifically for the extra time in HK. Is it safe for me to wander around HK alone for 3 days? Im a fairly small girl, and don't have a lot of strength...but I think im pretty good at avoiding dangerous situations...

I also speak pretty good Mandarin which I dont think will help much, if any...

Also... what would be some fun things for me to do there? Im looking for ideas..

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    Generally speaking, Hong Kong is safe to visit, doesn't matter you are tiny or huge.(petite au grande)

    Since you have 3 days there, is a short trip.Depends what interest you. I believe many things in HK will interest you. Hong Kong is very different from Katmandu, Nepal, where the language, culture are different. In Hong Kong, perhaps you may want to have a relaxation trip, Go to the peak, there you can look down and see almost all of Hong Kong at that level. You take the subway to HK island and then take a tram and get up there, or join a local city tour. If you are a great shopper where you likes bargains, try the mongkok areas in Kowloon side, you will see many different item for bargains.

    Mandarin speaking is not a problem. most people there speak too.If you can speak Cantonese will be best. English are widely spoken there too. Some safety hints while your stay there. Always avoid overcrowded places , pick pockets are mostly at those places for their assigments. Avoid conflicts with anyone, do not believed anyone who try and ask you and volunteerily take you to somewhere. You have only 3 days, other fun things like parachuting, boating, going to the islands etc. But those are all good if you have more time. Repulse Bay is at HK island, which is a beach, and Stanly is another tourist attraction. I would strongly suggest to go on any places on the weeekends whereby is not so crowded. Again, the police are always patrolling most areas, if you have any problems, just talk to them, they are friendly and helpful.

    Hope I have gave you some ideas, wish u a pleasant trip.

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    According to this web page posted by US State Dept. Hong Kong has a low crime rate:

    It's a very densely populated cosmopolitan, as long as you don't walk into back alleys or be on the street at 3 am in the morning, it's a very safe city. Believe me it's almost impossible to be walking around Hong Kong "alone". Speaking Mandarin certainly helps, there are many Mandarin tourists going there every day, most retailers and all hotels have Mandarin speaking staff.

    I don't know what interest you, go to and check out what this city can offer you. As a young female you might want to do some serious shopping here. Don't forget trying out the authentic Chinese food, most of which you can't find in the United States even in San Francisco and New York.

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    Well it's most probably a lot safer than wherever you come from.

    Mandarin is not really going to be of much use in HK. Many people can speak it, but then everybody also speaks English so there will be no problems in trying to communicate with people.

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    Well, think about New York City... Would you wander around NYC alone? Do you speak their main language? Will you be able to find your way around?

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    for the love of good dont wander around in hong kong.

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    as long as your are confident, the whole world is yours.

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