JYP/ YG entertainment audition question?

Ok let's say you live in america and you want to audition for YG or JYP and you make it in, does anyone know if they provide travel over to Korea and I need 100% truth of this so I can save my money for next year. Also, what does each company look for in the people who audition besides them being unique and different because I know that already.

Any other tips I'd be happy if you shared them with me!!

Thank you!!

One more question....when is the deadline for 2011 JYP Global audition, I'm not going to do it this year but I just want to know??

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    Firstly, I wanted to wish you luck on the audition and I really hope you make it in and live your dream as a Korean singer. :) I'm your first fan by the way! Remember that!

    JYP Entertainment!

    When I was wanting to join the KPOP Industry, I also wanted to audition for JYP Entertainment because I had a passion for dancing and I heard they valued dancing skills in trainees. JYP Entertainment chooses talent over looks but of course, they do value looks much more then YG Entertainment does.

    Training life at JYP Entertainment is described to be like a school except much more hip and you get to become a KPOP star when you graduate! How cool is that?!

    Obviously, you are taught how to sing, dance, act and perform. But you are also taught proper manners (star quality personality), proper sex education, foreign languages (Japanese, Korean, English, Chinese etc.) and dieting information (they'll teach you how to keep thin).

    When all teachers are satisfied with your performance level, you GRADUATE meaning you will soon debut and live your dream :)


    *No need to pay (that's when you fully make it in)

    *You can audition by online, mail or walk-in/live.

    *When auditioning online, you can receive comments/opinions from JYP staff!

    *You are notified about 2 weeks after audition application.

    YG Entertainment!

    I love Big Bang! Do you? haha.

    YG Entertainment is unique from other companies and is known for it's hip hop and R&B style. They take talent very seriously and looks means absolutely NOTHING to them. You can be the prettiest person in the world but without great talent, you're nothing to them.

    Training life in YG Entertainment is harsh and tough. You abandon your private life and focus mainly on training. You train ALL DAY for 6 days (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday) and have a free day on Sunday. They like their trainees as young as possible (look at G-Dragon and Taeyang) and prefer training their trainees for a long period of time so they can be as talented as they can be! Look how talented their artists are! Have you seen Park Bom? Her voice is like... a gift from the heavens! :O


    *YG Entertainment isn't as open to auditioning as other entertainment companies

    *You can only mail audition or fly over to Korea and audition in person

    Passion is the key :)

    Keep trying! Don't feel as if you can't make it!

    Many talented people got rejected but quickly got up and fought! >:)

    Park Bom had to audition for three years until she got in!

    Rain had to audition 18 times until he got in!

    Die knowing you were once a famous Korean singer.


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    Hey :) No! That's a superb age! A lot of trainees advocate to audition on the a while thirteen-18. a million) No, it isn't important if in case you have braces! two) Yeah, it isn't important! Not plenty of singers are all tall! For an instance: SNSD (Girls' Generation), Taeyeon, Sunny, they are each no longer the tallest individuals x] three) Nope! If you spotted, plenty of singers put on agreement lenses and typically glasses. four)Yeah, if you are into R&B/Hip-Hop/Rap, YG is superb for you. YG even though is rather difficult to get in; they seem at your proficiency like difficult-middle haha. But should you train, I'm definite you'll do it! Just feel approximately each and every manufacturer and audition to the situation that YOU feel is correct for you :) five)Yes. But be certain your snapshot isn't photoshopped (do not difference the lighting fixtures, colo, and so forth. They will NOT accep it), it additionally cannot be like sticky label pix. Just hold that during brain :) Good success!

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