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the arrows in the street fighters r confusing what does they mean?

the arrow symbol r different cant find them what is the symbol mean?? the arrow are angled down check thm

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    the Hadoken is Down. Down-forward, Forward, and any Punch

    the Shoryuken is Forward, Down, Down-forward, and any Punch

    the Tatsumakisenpukyaku is Down, Down-back, Back and any Kick

    Hope that gives you an idea of what to press

    Guile's Sonic Boom is Back (for two seconds), Forward, and any Punch

    His Flashkick is Down (for two seconds), Up, and any Kick

    Dhalsim's Yoga Flame is Back, Down-back, Down, Down-forward, Forward and any Punch

    E.Honda's Hundred Hand Slap is Punch tapped rapidly

    Zangief's Spinning Piledriver is 360 degree motion, and any Punch (up close)

    El Fuerte's Quesedilla Bomb is Medium Kick button held (for two seconds), and release

    Those are the most common controller moves, hope that clears up anything else

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