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麻煩英文高手 翻譯成英文..勿用翻譯軟體


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    The Belief in Your hands to come true:


    Fertile Lanyang Plain is derived from the irrigation of the Lanyan River, but if a typhoon is coming, how should we do?


    Therefore, a employer begins to learn how to do retaining walls by himself.


    He adheres to do the toughest retaining walls, so that at first he learn how to dig and then invent " Retaing Walls Made by His Own Way" by putting waste tires, apart from pegging. He also builds a little wooden hut with waterproof and warmth-keeping function by himself. In addition, the little wooden hut is lifted up about 40 cm. from the ground.


    On the other hand, the trees and the grass in a mountain village are improving step by step to come into being like what you see.

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