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20點! 英文聽力高手 請幫我打出影片中的話~



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    off on your house? don't know who to fly with? why ain't you go a off and away with Yorkshire Airlines?

    Ayyup! Ayyup! Ayyup! Our Air Dorises will always give you the warmest of welcomes.

    Wipe off thee feet!! Our fly crew are the very best!!

    This is Captain Boycott speaking, The evening's flight will be flying wherever I tell like presume I bloody like cause I'm Captian, Right? ahoy! jump in.

    our facilities are second to non. and your safety is our concern.

    Pry your knob, shut up and belt up, and if you can't see the bloody exits, you must be bloody blind.

    It's top in flight entertainment.

    Whether you're seated comfortably at working class, Yeah, Sir!!! Or if you have more brass(此處brass代表"有種"的意思) than sense, you can fly Allen Bennet class. International cousine is but highest standard.

    Yorkshire Airlines, Depart in Leige international Air Strip, touching down twenty minutes later at Leige International Air Strip.

    Because if it's outside the Yorkshire's not worth bloody visiting.


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