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家長對準備晚餐有所煩惱的話,可以在網路或報章雜誌上取得有關營養學的知識,所以家長每餐要準備豐富且均衡的美味食物吸引孩童準備prepare 令人煩惱的troublesome 取得acquire 營養學nutrition 知識know-how 豐富rich最後要維持食物的新鮮也是很重要的,注意保存期限避免腐敗,生食熟食也需要分開擺放維持maintain 腐敗spoil 生的raw

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    家長對準備晚餐有所煩惱的話,可以在網路或報章雜誌上取得有關營養學的知識,所以家長每餐要準備豐富且均衡的美味食物吸引孩童If parents tend to feel troublesome to prepare for dinner, they can acquire know-how about nutrition from the Internet, newspaper, or magzines, so parents should prepare for rich and balanced delicious food, in order to attract children.最後要維持食物的新鮮也是很重要的,注意保存期限避免腐敗,生食熟食也需要分開擺放Finally, it is very important to maintain fresh food and notice expiration date, so as to avoid food spoiled. Raw food and cooked food should be put apart as well.

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