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My name is Emily and I very much appreciate the opportunity to applyfor a flight attendant position with your company . I graduated in 2008 from 00University located in Taipei city with major in English. I really enjoy mymajor which study foreign language are my interests. I came from a worm and big family, I have two old sisters and oneyoung brother.I have always believed a strong family isessential for success and I love my family which always livily and joyfully. Myparent gave us a lot of space to do the thing we wants to do so it is broughtup my independent individual character. I had a part-time job at night as I was a college student. I couldpay for my education also gain knowledge about interacting with customers andproviding excellent customer service.It is very important veteran for me to goa step further recognize me by myself. By the work experience, I was understoodwhat is the best job for me and I have wanted to go to do. I think my best quality is my cheerfulness and willingness toexperience new things. The position as a flight attendant would be a greatcareer for me because the opportunity to help people and makes their happy thatwill give me very big sense of achievement.

How to respect and communicate with others that is my advantage and Ihave the confidence,I will work as hard as I can to learn all the details ofjob done well. Thanks your patient and look forward to hearing from you.

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    My name is Emily and I am very glad to have this opportunity to be a flight attendant. I am a class 2008 graduate majoring in English from 00 University Taipei. I like to study foreign languages.

    I come from a big family with siblings of two elder sisters and a younger brother. I have always believed a strong family tie is essential for success, and I love an

    livily and joyful family as mine. My parents give us amper space to do things we wants to. Eventually, my parents have forged my character as an indpendent individual.

    I had a part-time job after school as I was a college student. While I have provided the excellent customer services, I have not only subsidised my education expenses but also I have fine tuned my interpersonal skill. In order to know myself better, it is very important for me to take the intiatve to go extra steps. Through my work experience, I am quite clear about what kind of wrok suits me best.

    I recognize the best quality of mine is cheerfulness and willingness to experience new things. The position to be a flight attendant will be a great well-designed adventure for me. The opportunity to interact with people and to ensure them have a very delightful flying experience will render me a enormus sense of achievement.

    Knowing how to respect and communicate with others are my advantage. I have the confidence to confront the challenge to be a qualified flight attentant, and I will work as hard as I can to learn every aspect of the job and to carry them out down to the detail. Thanks for your patient and look forward to hearing from you soon.

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