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Question about Mel Gibson?

I have been for a long time a huge Mel Gibson fan and I could go into my thoughts about him and how the disgusting media displays his life but i'm not going too because that's not what I want to get into. My question is do you think its possible he could get an Oscar nod for his performance in "The Beaver" its not out yet but his performance has been the highly praised aspect of the film. Some reviews state "Mel Gibson's emotionally intense performance...." " The Beaver is salvaged by Gibson's complete performance" "Gibson delivers a performance that very few could pull off." "Oscar level performances" "Arguably Mel Gibson's best performance" "It's a funny, complex, moving, note perfect performance." Do you think his personal life is too controversial to get him a nomination? Examples of similar situations would be helpful. And I would appreciate if you stuck to answering the questions instead of getting into something else. Thanks!

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    note: The Beaver was directed by Jodie Foster, and written by Kyle Killen

    It is scheduled for a July 2011 release so I would guess that if Mel somehow manages to redeem himself ( not to me I think he's an awesome guy and that ex is the bad seed) in the eyes of the media by doing something considered awesome by the highly manicured and fashionable people on tv then maybe Hollywood will at least honour him with a nomination - but I agree Hollywood can be very political when it comes to the Oscars and often I have questioned their choice of winner so honestly at present I think it is doubtful - there's so many good performances in film every year that I think the lobbying that goes on does pay off - look at the absence of CHE ( sidetracking) from last years top ten film nominees - Jodie Foster is well regarded so maybe they'll give her an oscar nod for best director in indirect recognition of Mel's performance - I am looking forward to seeing it.

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    Doubtfully he will get the nominee as he is just not safe to bring on stage, plain and simple. Now my understanding about the film The Beaver is that it is directed by Gibson also. You would think he would be together enough to be cool on stage and if I am right, he better just be cool! No one I know of has seen the film's outtakes but I saw a preview on AMC the other day, brief as it was, and I did not see the emotion which would be expected of an Oscar being awarded to Gibson. Of course it was a quick review. Let us hope he has access to some mental assistance as he is a real live wire!

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    Love your avatar. I enjoyed Mel Gibson in Braveheart and Ransom. I enjoyed Bruce Willis in Die no longer common and Pulp Fiction. yet there are maximum of alternative video clips the place I enjoyed the two of their performances.

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